IT support for automotive dealerships is challenging. There are plenty of IT professionals that are adept at maintaining computers, printers, fax machines, etc. Even managing modern IP phone systems and POS systems are not out of the reach of the typical IT professional. Where it gets challenging is finding the right talent to help with online inventory problems, DMS problems, technician equipment problems, CRM challenges, and so forth. In most cases, these duties must be split between two different people with different skill sets, costing the dealership more money in salary and benefits than if they had one person that can handle all things technical for the dealership.

Whether it’s FCC compliance, OEM advertising compliance, CRM maintenance, website troubles, or any other technical challenges related to the automotive industry, Insanely Great Enterprises has the expertise to get your car dealership working smoothly.

One local client of ours wanted to streamline to stocking in process. They wanted to speed up how quickly their used cars became front-line ready and reduce the amount of time it took to detail their vehicles and out on the lot. We streamlined their process by creating a custom iPhone application that assigned a unique stock number to each vehicle, decoded the VIN, and generated a report at the end of the day so that the cars could be quickly and accurately entered into the DMS, and off to their designated location.

Another automotive client of ours in the St. Louis area was in need of IT support, but not on a full time basis. They have a fair number of IT challenges each week, but not enough to justify a full time employee. They have a mix of PCs, digital phones, internet connected technician tools, printers, wireless radios, wireless alignment readers, TVs and internet radios. But in addition to their physical technology needs, they also needed website support, inventory support, FCC compliance support and CRM support. Insanely Great Enterprises has broad experience in the automotive industry and help support and/or integrate nearly any kind of automotive technology available. No two dealers are the same, so when a dealer wants to add a new service or technology, it can sometimes be a challenge to integrate the new solution with the dealer’s existing suite of solutions. This is where Insanely Great Enterprises shines and stands apart from a typical IT support company.

If you or your dealership is seeking IT support specific to the automotive industry in the St. Louis area, give Insanely Great Enterprises a call today at 636-466-5989.